Self Change Golf Grip REPAIR REGRIP RESHAFTING KIT replacement regripping tape

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What Do You Get?


  1. Golf Grip Extractor Tool
  2. 13 x Double Sided Golf Tape
  3. Shaft Support Tool


As a golfer you all know its super expensive to replace your existing grips. Pro shops and golf stores charge $5 PER CLUB to change them over and that's not including the grip itself!

With this kit you can save a heap of money by doing it yourself.

How Do i Do it?


  1. Place shaft supporter inside a vice (vice not included). Place club inside shaft supporter ensuring its lined up.


  1. Use Grip Extractor Tool to remove existing grip and remove old tape underneath


  1. Use Double Sided Golf Tape to replace old tape


  1. Pour mineral turp solvent (not included due to Aust Post restrictions. Large bottle can be purchased from Bunnings for approx $3) over the Golf Tape. Slip in new grip.