Golf Swing Speed Distance Training Stick Adjustable Portable 240-325g Tempo

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- Designed to increase swing speed by training your muscle and brain memory. Over time this will increase performance, improve your swing giving you extra distance on every club

- 3 different removable weights. 240g, 35g and 50g.

- First configuration of 240g is lighter than your conventional driver. Once getting used to the lighter “driver” you can then add the 35g and/ or 50g. The total weight 335g is heavier than tour drivers giving you the ultimate core, muscle and memory power to deliver stronger distances.

- Instructions –

  1. Start with the 240g swinging 6-10 times with a natural swing to warm up
  2. Next add 35g or 50g and repeat
  3. Switch to the opposite side and repeat steps 1 and 2

- Comes in black, green, red or blue. If no colour is chosen a random colour will be chosen for you

- Free Australia Wide Delivery