Dog Cat Waterproof Jacket Rain Coat Cute Pet Puppy Clothes Costume Suit Hoody

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- Outer nylon keeps them dry


- Inner furry cotton blend keeps them warm


- Removable hoody


- Pockets to store items like 'poo' bag


- Keep your pet warm and dry or just make them look really cute!


- Hoody can be removed


- Dark blue


- Machine washable


Measurement Instruction:

  1. Measure your pet's neck size
  2. Measure the distance from your pet's back neck to the tail
  3. Measure your dog's chest size


My adorable dog is a Pug. To give you some type of indication he is a LARGE with more room to spare towards his tail as per the picture. This is an indication only and we are not responsible for errors in measurement


FYI Because these are priced so low for a limited time only, and for hygiene purposes if you choose the wrong size or change your mind we cannot is only available if the product is defective