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3 x Nescafe Dolce Gusto LATEST Refillable Reusable Coffee Tea Capsules Pods Pod

3 x Nescafe Dolce Gusto LATEST Refillable Reusable Coffee Tea Capsules Pods Pod

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  - Hate spending heaps of money on coffee pods? This is the solution!

   - Compatible with Dolce Gusto System Piccolo, Melody, Creativa, Circolo, Genio

   - Each Pod can be reused over 50 times. You get 3 pods = 150 coffees !

   - BPA Free

   - We like to check our package items before sending them out so your box may be opened and resealed

Super Advantages...


Cost saving

Save costs up to 80%-85% compared to the Dolce Gusto® original Capsules! No more dependent on Dolce Gusto® fixed prices.


Freedom of Choice

Brew the coffee of your choice, not restricted to the Dolce Gusto® blend.


Other Warm Beverages

You can brew your favorite tea, infusion, tisane or other hot water drinks in your Dolce Gusto® machine.


Practical usage

You can quickly and easily prepare a quick and clean way, without any dirt.


Ecological and Recyclable

Our Reusable capsules are made of polypropylene, which is a high quality plastic used in the medical and food industry for resisting heat, 100% recyclable and can be destroyed without polluting.



Even if you run out of Dolce Gusto® capsules, with our cups you can brew your drink with your Dolce Gusto® machine with any ground coffee you buy in the supermarket around the corner. These cups have no expiration date, so you can preserve them as long as you want.


Please note - We do not hold any responsibility of misuse whatsoever. You must ensure you follow the instructions as stated and ensure your machine is regularly de-scaled and cleaned.



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